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Drupal 6 Install schema doesn't create any tables

Basically I was creating a module and it wasn't creating any of the tables I had told it to set up in my .install file, and as far as I can see there weren't any mistakes.

What I found out was that because I had already installed and activated the module once, it wasn't re-running the install file and thus creating the tables.

All you have to do is disable the module AND uninstall the module. You will probably receive an error saying that it can't find the tables to remove but thats fine, thats the problem we are having!

Hope that saves someone the 45mins I have just wasted.


It did, to bad I already

It did, to bad I already spent most of those 45 minutes before ending up here.. still, thank you :)

40 Minutes Saved!

Thanks a lot, you just saved me some time!

I spent quite some time

I spent quite some time trying to figure this out too
Thank you for the information, it was useful !

... well, lot more than 45

... well, lot more than 45 minutes wasted for me : ( thanks.

thanks! saved me 45 minutes

thanks! saved me 45 minutes too.