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Drupal 6 pay2publish / Pay per Node

I needed a pay per node solution for Drupal, I was very surprised at the distinct lack of modules for this in Drupal! I have started to port the uc_nodetype module for ubercart but have hit some issues. If anyone is interested in helping me with this, then please let me know.

It mostly works quite smoothly, the only problem I have is trying to display the node edit form on the cart checkout page, it either breaks the page or doesn't show any field elements. It should be such an easy thing but I can't figure it out.

uc_nodetype-6.x-1.x-dev.zip13.55 KB



what is the difference to uc_node_checkout?

Good find

Thanks for that! I had been searching for ages and just kept coming up with nothing. I'll give it a try and see how I get on.

Any updates?

Hello William,

Just following up your post and would like to know if you have used uc_node_checkout yet, and if so, please could you let me know how it differs to your port of uc_nodetype?

uc_node_checkout seems to follow a different path to what I hoped I could have benefited from with uc_nodetype from what I see so far.

I require a facility where a user is charged for posting a node, following creation of it. The node is then published upon payment

I would appreciate your input

Many thanks

Hi "Guest" (you didnt leave

Hi "Guest" (you didnt leave your name or email)
Actually I haven't gotten round to using it yet, one or two projects that I have quoted for that would have needed this functionality never came to pass, I have however always had that in mind as a solution. I never continued to try and port uc_nodetype as a result of not successfully managing to get it to work, lack of help from the UC forums, and as a result of finding the uc_node_checkout.

I'm interested to hear your evaluation of uc_node_checkout and how you feel it doesn't do what you are after. From what I understood, you created a node, went to checkout, admin approved, and node was published. Is this not the case?

Please please get in touch and let me know how you got on.